Hello fellow Los Altos residents,

Los Altos is a destination community for residents, and the envy of many. Families grow up here and then plan to stay their entire lives. The trees, open spaces, and diverse families of vibrant people all make Los Altos a very special place.

I want to help keep that serenity and community feel by representing you on our City Council. We must recognize the impacts and uncertainty of the pandemic, from declining revenues to an uncertain business climate. Yet we have a responsibility to maintain city services, enhance our parks, improve our streets, and protect the safety of our children and residents. This will require thorough research, careful consideration of the pros and cons, strict fiscal discipline, input from our residents, and collaborative decision making with other Council members.

I have the business skills and knowledge of our City to be effective. I have lived here through economic downturns and recoveries in this valley. I will work diligently to help guide our city through the current uncertainties. Our city will emerge from these times because we all treasure the neighborhoods, businesses, and amenities that make Los Altos a wonderful place to live.

Terri Couture

Terri cares about Los Altos and our future. She is a great communicator, is detail oriented, and always does her research.
— Kathy Bridgman



The coming years will be fiscally challenging. The community center will be beautiful and provide great amenities, but it will require the City to borrow money for the first time in many years. The impact of the pandemic is unknown and will likely change over time. Any slow-down will impact revenue from taxes and development fees. We as a community will need to exercise fiscal discipline to maintain services, care for buildings and infrastructure, and still offer services expected by residents. I will focus on sound fiscal management of the funds our residents pay in taxes.


Personal responsibility and moral thoughtfulness needs to be encouraged and not stifled. Examples of generous community support and giving should be made public, so everyone knows how much this community gives back to others. Without social order that supports freedom, the ability for freedom of expression and dissent will cease.

Many residents in Los Altos want more information about police activities. We should be more transparent, providing more statistics before being required to do so by law. More residents are now watching out for each other, and that will help keep our crime down as we develop new ways to work with our police department. I will encourage expanding our Neighborhood Watch programs. Perhaps some will even be inspired to follow the speed limits and stop signs more closely!

We should take advantage of road maintenance to enhance bicycle and pedestrian safety. Safety for our children must be a top priority.


Parks are the most cherished and widely enjoyed parts of our city. We need to maintain them for use by all ages and for a variety of activities. Los Altos has the least amount of parkland per resident in our County. If possible, we should acquire additional parkland, and we should not give up any of the Los Altos land to development. Redwood Grove, the apricot orchards, and all of our parks further enhance the feeling of our community and remain places for serenity.

Our roads and sewers are no less important. We must continue the plan made by the current council to restore funds to repair our streets. It is fiscally prudent to do so, and it improves safety for all users – especially children going to school.

Land Use & Housing

Affordable housing has been a long-time problem. Real estate prices have increased throughout the area as business successes in Silicon Valley have led the nation. Many of us have worked hard and lived in other places before we could afford Los Altos. Yet we have an obligation to allow for development of more affordable homes. The El Camino corridor and the downtown area are zoned for denser housing, and we should work with developers to provide attractive developments that fit the charm of Los Altos.  R1 zoning should stay R1, as our residents relish their yards and privacy.

Planning, land use, and zoning restrictions should stay within Los Altos control. I will advocate for privacy rights of the residents who value the quality of life Los Altos offers.


In over 40 years of my business life, listening to my clients has helped me understand and fulfill their requests. It is extremely important for any and all community changes to be publically available via multiple media outlets, so the community knows what is being discussed. We need better ways to inform the community. Interested residents want to be able to do research to understand proposals, and to make recommendations through commissions and to Council.

We need to be thorough but efficient in our decision making. Council should rely on complete staff reports, supplemented with input from all residents who are interested in the issue. I promise to be concise and to the point and to come to every meeting fully educated on the agenda.

Everyone has causes they believe in and want to support. I welcome that input, because I have no “agenda” other than to make prudent decisions for the benefit of our residents and city. I operate by reasoned deliberation, and I study to understand the facts before making a decision.


The children and young adults in our community want to be involved. They have boundless energy and want to have a say in our future. I want to make a special invitation to these energetic young adults to find ways to make a difference and give back to the communities here and nearby.

Meet Terri

Most people know me as a broker/realtor who has helped hundreds of people find the home of their dreams in Los Altos and adjacent communities. I grew up on Highlands Circle, riding my bike to the schools, and making sure my younger brothers and sister got home in time, did their homework and were ready for dinner when my parents came home from work.

My early post-college career was as a store manager for Safeway. This gave me an important understanding of retail business. I then managed a State-wide competitive sports program for 12,000 participants of all ages and abilities. Following that success, I organized the relocation of archives and computerization of historical information for all artifacts of the historic Timberline Lodge at Mt. Hood. In 1990, I moved back to Los Altos and have enjoyed connecting people with homes for the past 30 years.

From 2011-2015 I served as a Santa Clara County Planning Commissioner. The Commission is the primary decision-making authority for certain development applications and advises the Board of Supervisors on land-use policy. Since 2011 I have served as a Santa Clara County Value Hearings Officer, evaluating residential assessment appeals.

I am a long-time volunteer at Fischer House, which provides no-cost housing to families of veterans and active duty military members during their hospitalization at the VA Palo Alto Health Care System.

My husband and I raised two children here and are devoted to our town. We are fortunate to have two wonderful grandchildren nearby, our pride and joy. We support many charities that are near and dear to us, but my favorites are those that support our veterans and the Stanford Blood center. Because I am 0 positive CMV negative, I can donate to premature babies and those fighting cancer. Those who know me will attest to my garden, which the neighbors all enjoy, and I find serenity working in the yard.

Terri with flowers


Terri Couture has demonstrated her commitment to the City of Los Altos over the past 30 years as a resident, realtor, and community volunteer. As an active realtor, she has demonstrated her commitment to maintaining the beauty and relaxed nature of our village. As a community volunteer she has served on the Chamber of Commerce where she has supported civic activities – the fabric of our society – and demonstrated her character, integrity, honesty, and commitment to truth. I hope you will join us with a vote to preserve the future of Los Altos and support Terri Couture for City Council.

— John Day

Terri has been a truly welcoming member of the community. We met while looking for the right home in Los Altos and she provided honest, fair advice in the spirit of simply helping a new neighbor. Since then, Terri helped us buy and sell with such passion, integrity, expertise, and result that we've recommended her to many others (with equally terrific results). In particular, she shows a willingness to do whatever it takes to get the job done right and quickly. She's always had her finger on the community pulse and cared and advocated for building our community in a positive way. Our community will really benefit from Terri's energy and leadership on the Los Altos City Council.

— John and Keryun Dukellis

We have known Terri Couture for almost 20 years. She is incredibly knowledgeable about Los Altos, but what really stands out is her ability to listen – she wants to know what you need and is such a good listener that she can figure that out even if you can't find the right words. She is diligent and tireless in trying to help people – even those that she has just met. Her knowledge of and care for the community make her an outstanding candidate for Los Altos City Council.

— Michelle & Brett Galloway

Terri Couture is a very reliable, honest and hard-working realtor who is dedicated to her work and clients, as well as a community volunteer. She has worked in Los Altos for at least 30 years and is truly committed and cares deeply about our city. Terri has the intelligence, experience, leadership and organizational skills and deep understanding of the various issues that need to be addressed with the city’s best interest in mind. She’s a person that WILL get things done!
Please show your support for our candidate, TERRI COUTURE, who is committed to our City and Los Altans for a positive and beautiful place to live.

— Margaret Abe

Terri Couture has shown her commitment to the City of Los Altos over and over for more than 30 years as a resident and real estate broker. As an active realtor, she has demonstrated her commitment to maintain the beauty and economic viability of Los Altos. She volunteers in many different ways, including the Department of Veteran Affairs in Palo Alto, and she donates blood – even during Covid. You can count on Terri for integrity and honesty. Please support Terri Couture for City Council.

— Edward Karpman, MD, FACS

Being on the Los Altos City Council is a natural step for Terri. She will advocate for the residents, just has she does for her real estate clients. I’ve known Terri to be dedicated, disciplined, responsible, caring, curious, energetic, straight-forward, wholesome and far-sighted. If there is a job to do, Terri is always up to the challenge!

— Kathryn Tomaino

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